Friday, June 25, 2010

Which is ur favorate lipstick brand?

its not tht gud so i dont use. ;)Which is ur favorate lipstick brand?
i dont wear it but barry m and mac

i prefer lipgloss or vaseline, they have a pink vaseline thats lovely!! xxWhich is ur favorate lipstick brand?
MAC definatley. I prefer their matte lipsticks but I have a few glossy ones.
If i wore it then revlon , covergirl .

lipgloss i like smuckers andd wet%26amp;wild
mac and misssporty lipgloss

ewww i prefer lip glosss

Like what lipstick brand like should?

i like buy for like friday when like i go out to like the barLike what lipstick brand like should?
like you should like buy like covergirl or like revlon or like maybe like mac, like do you like, know what i'm like, saying?

like.Like what lipstick brand like should?
l'oreal paris is really good...but too about maybelline....mac's good too.. Report Abuse

Mac, Revlon, or Palladio.
just go to ulta and tell them kinda what you want and they can tell you what to buy.
you should like totally try MAC, like yeahhhh... they're like the best brand I have found :)
bare minerals or smashbox, i recommend smashbox
haha i like totally like MAC! they are like amzazing! you should like get them like too!!!
you sayy like a lot lk wayyyy too much
um like i would like try mac they are my like favorite!!


What is the best brand of lipstick?

I think that M.A.C. has really nice lipsticks. They come in tons of colors and are always coming out with new ones. They glide on easy and last long!What is the best brand of lipstick?
I wear lipstick.

M.A.C. M.A.C. M.A.C. M.A.C. M.A.C. M.A.C.!!!!!!!

GL!What is the best brand of lipstick?
who wears lipstick?

I am a black female (brown skinned)...which lipstick brand and color would be best for me?

It depends also on the shape of your lips

Sometimes women with larger lips tend to lose the lipstick closest to the mouth and end up with a ring around the edges.

A darker shade of your skintone, for a lipstick will define your lips but make the ';wear-off'; in the middle less noticable.

I'd go matte or satin finsh.


Also, do you mean for daytime, or evening?

Night colors can be more dramatic. Darker.

Glossy or glittery.

Have fun.I am a black female (brown skinned)...which lipstick brand and color would be best for me?
Plumb colors and pinks, some how they bring out your eyes especially if you use a pink of green eyeshadow.I am a black female (brown skinned)...which lipstick brand and color would be best for me?
smashbox brand... they have a darkesh light color that goes great with brown skintones
the new cover girl line from queen latifah made especially for women of color
silver or red looks good
Try Avon's Glazewear in Gold Digger!
possibly plums or chocolates....if you're on the darker side, something with a little metallic look to it to really accentuate your lips and make the color more visible.
black-so what? black beauty, use as per your choice
Me! I look good on any toned female! lol
try soft colars like light pink or even a really red color.
red looks good on brown skin but you should be careful to select the right shade. also brown with a little hint of red is great.

What's the best DRUGSTORE brand for lipstick!?

I want to buy a red lipstck from the drugstore, but want to know what brand is the best? thank you so much! =)What's the best DRUGSTORE brand for lipstick!?
If you're looking particularly for a red lipstick I would recommend trying either Revlon or L'Oreal. They tend to have a better variety in shades so that you can find the right red for your skintone.What's the best DRUGSTORE brand for lipstick!?
Regular Creamy texture:


For long wear style:

I like the Maybeline gloss with the color on one side and clear on the other. Really lasts and nice texture and easy to get right the first time.

Gloss Stick texture:

Cover Girl Slicks there are only a few colors but they go great on lots of skin tones

Clear gloss in a tube:

Lip Smackers in Strawberry. Cheap with a great scent everyone loves.
cover girl
Covergirl or Revlon

Works great!
I really like the ones from Neutrogena and Maybelline! They work great!!

What is the best brand for lipstick?

i dont like glossy lipstick, i look for a mate lipstick that not make my lips dry.What is the best brand for lipstick?
Mac What is the best brand for lipstick?

i love lipstick and mac really is the best, they have an amazing range of great colours, lots of formulas, they go on great, last, even smell of vanilla (but aren't too strong at all). they do have lots of really bold colours, but don't let that turn you off, there are lots that suit a more natural look, it's just the bold ones are the ones you notice straight off.

and for matte, mac actually have a good range, unlike many other brands, and they certainly aren't too dry. they also have varying degrees of mattness.

one of my favourite things to do is go to mac and spend an hour trying on lipsticks, i have about 12 of them i use regularly. i've tried other brands, but they just aren't as good, the colours aren't as pure, and it's almost impossible to fine a good range when you don't want shimmer or glitter in your lipstick. most of all other brands don't feel as good on your lips.
Clinique is a little expensive but it has wonderful lipsticks with shades that give full-color coverage with one application, while the creamy texture feels very comfortable. It's worthy!
I also love mac great moisturizer and long lasting wear.
rimmel london. i look gorgeous %26amp; natural.
try mac or Estee Lauder...i think these 2 brands are the best
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  • Which brand has the best lipstick?

    Which brand do you think has the best lipstick and why? And please let it be a brand that i can find at a store like Target or drugstore.

    Thanks!Which brand has the best lipstick?
    Estee Lauder or MACWhich brand has the best lipstick?
    Maybelline is the best! or L'Oreal
    Revlon, it silky smooth and feels so good on the lips.
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